Lunes, Setyembre 12, 2011

PART OF ME (You and Cheese)

*Yes you'll be in my heart.
Yes you'll be in my heart and soul.
Yes you'll be PART OF ME <3 -cheese

If You Are A Bear Be A Grizzly
If You Are Wild Be A Wild Tiger
If You Are A Bad Guy, Be The Outlaw
If You Are Good, Be Spiritual
If You Are In Love, Feel The Romance
If You Fall In Love, Keep On Falling Till You Rich The Bottom Of The Pit
If You Trust, Trust Like A Child Thrown In The Air; She Keep Smiling 'Cause She Knew Her Father Will Catch Her Before She Fall To The Ground.
If You Love Her, Love Her As She Is The Only One In The Universe
If She Trust You, Never Let Her Down
Treat Her Dearly, Love Her Truly, Kiss Her Softly, Touch Her Gently, Look Her With Admiration
Know That She Needs You, And You Are Her Hero.
Don't Ever Ignore Whatever She Said To You.
If You Have The Chance To Tell Her You Love, Never Skip The Opportunity
Love Is Like A Runaway Train, It Keep On Running; We Have To Catch Them;
Love Is Like A Bird, They Fly Around; But They Stick Around Where It Finds Fruits To Eat With A Soft Bending Branch To Rest On;
Remember; Love Is Like A Flower. The Seeds Could Be Very Tiny, But When It Fell To The Ground And Have Its Root In The Soil It Can Grow Like A Tree If You Water Them Every Day;
If You Find Love, Don't Take It Lightly; One Day You Will Long For It; You May Search All Corners Of The Streets, But You Will Not Find Them. 'Cause She Was The One..